The 1st Japanese authentic knife for your kitchen.

The 1st Japanese authentic knife for your kitchen.


My knife is really dull.

I want to use a high-quality, authentic knife, but which one should I get? Is there one that is fully versatile ?

We're here to help you with these questions. With 148 years of history, we carefully select materials for the blades and handles of our knives.

Let us offer you a sharp, high-quality "1st Japanese authentic knife", created with craftsmen in leading knife production areas of Japan.



The fruit of tradition and craftsmanship
from the selected areas in Japan.

Our knives are created individually by skilled craftsmen in places famous for the production of knives in Japan - Sakai (Osaka), Takefu (Fukui), Miki (Hyogo) and Tosa (Kochi).
Each of these locations have enriched their own traditions in knife production over a long period, and their awe-inspiring craftsmanship has carried on to today. We will truly convey these spirits through every one of our products.

Handles that fit comfortably in your hand - proudly handmade by
leading knife craftsmen in Japan.

The masters of Japanese knife production fully utilize the combination of the traditional technique of "uchihamono" (hand-forged blades) and natural materials. The whole production process is manually completed.
The handle is made of natural wood that changes as you use it, just like leather products. By sharpening the knife as you prefer, it will naturally grow to fit in your hand, becoming as if it were part of your body.
With proper care, our knives can last over 10 years.


Sharp, high-quality knives
for use at home.

To serve all customers regardless of age or sex, we exclusively offer Santoku knives which are highly functional and perfect for cutting any ingredients including meat, fish and vegetables.
Japanese knives are best known for their excellent sharpness. To make the most of this feature, we choose steel as the material for the blade. Additionally, the two-edged finish, which is one of the great features of Western knives, prevents our knives from becoming blunt or chipped. In this way, our products preserve the refined appearance of traditional Japanese knives while taking advantage of the benefits of Western counterparts.

With 148 years of history and keen eyes,
we proudly offer you
sharpness and assurance of the best quality.

Since 1872, we have been curating knives from all over Japan to proudly offer reliable products with the finest quality.
For long-term usage after purchase, we also offer a complete support package including sharpening and maintenance to repair chips and distortion.

About our support



生 紬 Shiruku

The fine, polished blade presents delicate expressions just like silk threads that leave a gentle impression. The blade is light and resistant to rust, offering excellent usability for women as well.
  • ¥19,880
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波 舞 Namimai

The symbolic patterns of Damascus steel brings an elegant, up-scale look. The blade is forged over multiple layers, making it distortion-free even after many years of usage.
  • ¥26,980
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玄 粋 Kuroiki

The black finish, which was intentionally left on the blade surface during quenching, gives a calm yet robust appearance to this knife. The steel used for the blade features an excellent edge and ease of sharpening.
  • ¥20,980
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玄 槌 Kurotsuchi

Hidden in the simple, strong look is a hint of nostalgia - these distinct qualities are brought together by the "Kurouchi Tsuchime" finishing method. The surface of this sharp blade has dents, which prevents ingredients from sticking to the knife.
  • ¥22,980
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Our blades


Japanese katana swords -
that is the secret for stunning sharpness.

An Edict in 1876 prohibited people from carrying swords in Japan. Since then, swordsmiths started making knives instead of swords, which led to the popularization of knives.
To date, Japanese knives have been made utilizing the traditional expertise of swordsmithing.
A major difference between European (Western) knives, which were later imported to Japan, and traditional Japanese knives can be seen in the way we cut ingredients with them; while a push-cut technique is used with Western knives, a pull-cut technique is the best way to take advantage of the sharp edge of Japanese knives, without adding much force.


The advantage of sharp edge -
more delicious meals and more joyful cooking.

With our amazingly sharp knives, you no longer need to apply force - and the cross-section of the sliced ingredients are stunningly smooth and beautiful.
Additionally, a minimum number of cells of the ingredients are destroyed by cutting, allowing the flavor and nutrition to be preserved.
By using a high-quality Japanese knife, your interest for cooking will be taken to the next level with smooth sashimi and vegetables without a harsh after taste as well as the beauty of clean cross sections.



The fiber of vegetables is preserved, which means that their moisture will be retained and the vegetables are kept fresh.



The fiber of onions will not be crushed and therefore, they will not sting your eyes when cut.



Meat juice will be retained inside and will maintain its freshness.



Any ingredients can be sliced well, whether they are moist and soft or hard. It will shorten the time you spend on cutting ingredients, improving your efficiency.

About Us

Our techniques and aesthetics have been inherited over seven generations
in Tokushima of the Shikoku area, Japan.

Established in 1872 in Tokushima, we have been offering a variety of knives all around the world for over 100 years.
Since our establishment 148 years ago, our technique for handling blades and keen eyes for knives have been inherited over seven generations. We take pride in offering products with the finest quality, which have been curated among a great number of knives from multiple locations famous for bladesmithing in Japan.
We live in an age of advanced technology where fewer items are crafted by hand. That is why we are daringly committed to dealing with products of true craftsmanship. We proudly guarantee the outstanding quality of our knives.

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The official seal on the warranty
to prove the finest quality.

Our seventh-generation master thoroughly inspects every single knife, and the knives that meet our own quality standards are sold in our store.
Once a knife passes the quality inspection, our official seal will be pressed on the warranty as proof, which will be included in the product package. This official seal has been taken over from generation to generation since our establishment in 1872.

Flexible support system
for long-term usage.

With proper care, our knives will hold their edge for many years. The combination of regular maintenance and long-term usage is the key to create your own unique knife that works as if it were part of your body.

To assist you with a regular care routine for continuous usage, we have a flexible support structure addressing your concerns and issues specific to your knife, as well as offering professional maintenance service.

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